11-12-2016: Recommendation Engines Workshop

8-23-2016: Faster Python Computing with Pyfora

7-16-2016: Scalable Machine Learning with H2O

7-12-2016: Evening AI Camp @ UN

6-7-2016: Big Data Applications at AT&T Labs (Featuring hands-on RCloud demo)

6-5-2016: Random Forest Classification Workshop: Practical Tips

3-15-2016: Image Recognition Through Deep Learning & Neural Networks (Clarifai)

2-3-2016: Advanced Machine Learning Tutorial

1-21-2016: Data Science + the EHR

9-24-2015: Before Kaggle: From a Business Goal to a Machine Learning Problem

9-10-2015: NLP for Automated Grammatical Error Correction

8-20-2015: Statistical Challenges in Oncology at Flatiron Health