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Are you ready for a new challenge?
Celonis has a simple goal: to analyze today’s processes to make tomorrow’s world more efficient. Every company – regardless of its size, industry, or history – can achieve the unbelievable. Celonis is one of the world’s fastest growing tech companies and the world market leader in a new category of analytics called Process Mining. Of course, we also want to build a world class team.

We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer to help us build and refine process connectors combining business knowledge into our core software. We are seeking for team members with a drive to write clear, understandable and testable SQL statements with continuous focus on maintainability. You should be able to easily assess dependencies within a complex system and be able to quickly transform your thoughts into an accessible prototype. Besides working on best practices on how to simplify often faced challenges you should be open minded and enthusiastic to communicate changes and enable other stakeholders.

… have a degree in business informatics or equivalent degree
… have at least 3 years of experience in writing complex SQL queries professionally
… have strong knowledge in ETL and working with databases
… have experience with data architecture, data modelling, schema design, and development
… have a good understanding of at least one coding language (e.g., Java, Python, Scala, etc.)
… have knowledge in business intelligence, infrastructure, data engineering, data analytics, or a related subject
… have excellent English skills

… see people as the fundamental pillar of our success. Therefore, we invest into the personal growth and skill development of each individual alongside with the strength finder test 
…offer attractive compensation models (best-in-class salary, stock option packages, employee referral bonus, family service, flexible working hours, …)
… are visionary and one of the fastest growing Software-Unicorns in the world
… are Process Mining experts and developed the world’s most powerful tool for analyzing, optimizing and transforming all IT-supported business processes: the Intelligent Business Cloud
… distinguish ourselves through a unique combination of innovative start-up atmosphere paired with great professionalism and self-responsible work

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