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The Department of Applied Mathematics at Ecole Polytechnique is likely to recruit a full time Monge
Assistant Professor in Data Centric Engineering starting on April, 1st, 2024 (or later if necessary).
The present proposal is the result of a careful observation of the increasing complexity observed in modeling and
predictive simulation of industrial and scientific applications. In today’s world, extensive data sets, both
numerical and experimental, are abundant. At the same time, the advent of state-of-the-art computer
architectures requires a deep and dynamic interplay between computer science and data science.
In this expansive landscape, the concept of Data Centric Engineering (DCE) is taking shape. DCE seeks a
breakthrough fusion of methods focused on the design and operation of engineering systems. This synthesis
draws on a variety of mathematical domains, including modeling, numerical analysis, high-performance
computing (HPC), uncertainty quantification, control mechanisms, optimization techniques, statistics, and the
ever-evolving field of machine learning and artificial intelligence (including foundation models, generative
models, etc..).

CMAP (Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées) is at the forefront of these areas. With an unwavering
commitment to excellence, CMAP’s goal is to provide the mathematical and statistical foundation upon which
the data-driven technology of the future will rest.
We seek a candidate with a PhD in Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning or related fields. Of utmost
importance is the candidate’s ability to work in a team environment. The selected individual will lead his/her
research efforts at CMAP while collaborating with the data science and artificial intelligence research center, Hi!
Paris. A key expectation for the candidate is to prepare a comprehensive scholarly project outlining how his/her
research efforts will support the goals of the DCE field currently emerging. Assistant professor Monge positions are full-time positions dedicated to young researchers with a PhD. Monge positions are tenure track faculty positions, in the form of a three-year contract renewable once, during which the
holder is considered an assistant professor. The Monge faculty member is expected to defend his “Habilitation a diriger
les recherches” before coming up for tenure. Before or at the end of the sixth year, the holder shall be tenured and
promoted as a professor, provided that the evaluation of his/her research, teaching, and related activities is positive.


Candidates with prior experience in designing data-driven methods or applied machine learning models in any field of research or engineering are encouraged to apply. Participation in proactive discussions with CMAP members about research direction is strongly encouraged. From a practical point of view, applications can be written in French or English, but an
English CV is compulsory.

The role also includes a commitment to pedagogical excellence. The ideal candidate will be able to deliver
knowledge in applied mathematics, statistics, and machine learning across multiple levels of education — from
undergraduate, through the Polytechnic Engineering Cycle and Masters, to MOOC and Executive Education.
Inclusion in educational teams of both foundational applied mathematics courses and specialized modules is
essential. Demonstrated ability to foster a connection between pedagogy, research, and practical application will
be an important evaluation criterion.

As an institution, Ecole Polytechnique offers a unique academic environment. The successful candidate will
benefit from a well-designed curriculum. He/she will also enjoy the extensive support of the CMAP, both
academically and administratively. In addition, financial support is provided by the Hi! Paris Center in the form
of a generous “welcome package” for those seeking a “habilitation à diriger des recherches”.

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