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What do Predictive Models, Smart Devices, GIS, and even Image Recognition have in common?

You! Of course only if your into that sort of thing, as well as a super-fast-paced research environment! The Data Science team at Odeko is always on the lookout for researchers, especially those with a background in the physical sciences (physics, bio, chem, etc) and strong in at least one major programming language (R and Python preferred, but not limited to). We are huge fans of researches that abandoned grad school and those who never even went to one!


1) Great attitude. Period. Projects will appear and disappear without notice, some projects are boring, some require skills we don’t have yet, some will blow up in our face, sometimes there is literally fire. If you don’t have a great attitude in this environment you wont survive, or at least you will be super unhappy which is unfair to you as well as the rest of the team.

2) Strong in either Math or Computer Programming. Can hit the ground running slinging some Eigenvalues or slinging some solid R or Python code (especially hitting some SQL or API endpoints).

3) Strictly abide by the scientific method. Even when you are forced to cut corners you know why you can or cannot.

4) A.B.L Always Be Learning.


1) Start up that is bringing big tech to small businesses so they can level the playing field.

2) Potentially out of our minds

3) Happy to hear from you!

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