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Sorbonne University or Saint-Etienne University

In this internship we are interested in a special case of text generation, which is data-to-text generation. In
this setting, the task is to generate sentences in natural language based on structured or semi-structured
data. To provide a data to text example, a famous academic dataset is made of statistics of baseball
games paired with human written summary of the game, that we ultimately want to the system to
learn to generate. Beyond this toy example, data to text is of the utmost practical interests in many
scenarios such as finance, . . . This task is a special case in text generation and comes with its own specific
challenges. The data to text models are prone to hallucinations, that is generating grammatically correct
but irrelevant and out of the blue sentences. Moreover, the inputs being structured or semi-structured
data, this calls for alternative solution to encode w.r.t. standard texts inputs made of sequence of tokens
arranged as sentences.

To apply for this job please visit mlia.isir.upmc.fr.