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The Enterprise Feature Store for Machine Learning

About Tecton

At Tecton, we are on a mission to bring world-class Machine Learning to every product and customer experience. Tecton’s founders developed the first Feature Store when they created Uber’s Michelangelo ML platform. In pursuit of bringing ML to every production application, we have since brought the leading commercial feature store to market and built the most popular open-source feature store. 

We are funded by Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz and have a fast-growing team that works out of SF, NYC, and remotely. Our team has years of experience building and operating business-critical machine learning systems at leading tech companies like Uber, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter, and Quora, and we’re now bringing those same capabilities to every organization in the world.

As our first Principal Developer Advocate, you will be the public voice of Tecton and Feast to educate data and MLOps communities on the value of our products, developing great content that bridges the gap between our technology and its applications and use cases.

You will also provide guidance to the product and engineering teams on building great product experiences, and support Tecton community activities – such as apply() conferences, Feast community events and other growth activities.


Develop content on use cases and solutions (30%)

  • Bridge the gap between our products and their application for solving data and ML engineering challenges.
  • Showcase how Tecton and Feast can be used to build solutions and support a variety of use cases (eg. building fraud detection models, operationalizing Snowflake data, serving models with SageMaker, etc).
  • Write high-quality code samples to demonstrate our technologies.
  • Publish compelling blog posts and educational materials including videos and tutorials.

Be the public voice of Tecton and Feast (30%)

  • Become the recognized ‘voice of Tecton’ within the MLOps community.
  • Present regularly at meetups and conferences.

Product and engineering guidance (20%)

  • Become the world’s top expert at using Tecton to solve applied ML problems.
  • Be the voice of data and ML engineers to inform product decisions.
  • Provide actionable early feedback on pre-GA features.

Support Tecton community and growth activities (20%)

  • Run Feast community meetings and community newsletter.
  • Support the apply() conference by being the content expert and speaker liaison.
  • Present in webcasts and support company events.


  • You’re a great communicator and confident speaker at meetups and conferences
  • You’re a strong writer and can create compelling blog posts and educational materials about complex technical topics
  • You understand the challenges of applied data science and have a strong intuition for what it takes to get projects into production
  • You have deep empathy for the data engineer and data science personas.
  • You’re outgoing and relationship-focused with a strong customer and community presence.
  • You’re in touch with the MLOps market, understand the ecosystem of tools, and are aware of the trends.
  • You’re entrepreneurial: scrappy, self-motivated, and resourceful.


3+ years as a data engineer / ML engineer / applied data scientist or built strong empathy for these personas in prior jobs, and:

  1. You may have worked at a top-tier tech company on applied ML projects, or may have worked for a leading vendor in the space, and/or
  2. You have been a Developer Advocate at a rapidly growing company with a strong community (eg. Databricks, Snowflake, Confluent, Data Robot, H2O, etc), and/or
  3. You have an existing followership in our target segment (lots of Twitter followers, or well-established blog or podcast).

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