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Triplebyte helps companies find and hire great technical talent.

Triplebyte screens and evaluates thousands of engineers per month to find the best candidates for our partner companies. Human decision making doesn’t work at our scale; our marketplace is powered by automated assessment and decision making. Triplebyte has three cornerstone ML products: our quiz, our interview, and our matchmaking. As a machine learning engineer, you’ll be responsible for the end-to-end process of designing and running experiments to serving production models at scale. Some of our pipelines use off the shelf components, but we’re also implementing custom models and techniques from the latest research papers. We’re also building forecasting tools for internal teams to measure and predict outcomes. This is an ideal role for an engineer or data scientist who wants the scope and responsibility to own features/products from the inception and research phase through to measuring real-world results.

Fields your work will touch on:
– Psychometrics
– Recommender systems
– Time series analysis
– Survival analysis
– Bayesian inference
– Probabilistic programming

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