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Our Story:
Wisear is a young DeepTech start-up. We build the next-generation of controls for your everyday devices. We enable people to have hands-free & silent controls over their earphones, AR or VR headset by developing the first neural interface that fits in any consumer electronics.
Over our first two years of existence we secured a first deal with a large device maker, developed the first generation of our neural activity detection algorithms and secured 2M€ fundings to grow the team.
We’ve now reached a point where we can start selling our tech to large device makers and we need to scale our team to do so.

Our Vision
Over the past 30 years, digitalization has expanded our human capabilities.  This has made us more productive but our interfaces to interact with them haven’t kept up. Keyboards and mice, 30 years old inventions, have remained the standard & voice is still slow & not private.

With wearables becoming universal (e.g.: earphones, smart watches…) and the advent of the metaverses, our digital capabilities are poised to expand even faster and be even more integrated in our daily lives. We need to rethink how we interface with the digital world.

This is the problem we are solving at Wisear. We build the next-generation of human-machine interface. We record and analyze bioelectrical activity coming from the user’s eyes (ElectroOculography), facial muscle (ElectroMyography) & brain (ElectroEncephalography) to transform it into hands-free, silent & inclusive controls.

Wisear builds the first bioelectrical data processing solution for manufacturers of earphones & AR/VR headsets, along with accompanying them to turn their devices into brain recording devices. The first use cases we cover allow people to control their devices using their brain and facial muscle activity. We are convinced that in the near future, ear-EEG will be a key technology for early diagnosis and treatment monitoring of brain pathologies (e.g. epilepsy, ADHD, depression, Parkinson’s, etc.).

Job Description
You will join the team and work with software engineers, data scientists and hardware engineers in a fast-paced environment.

You will be implementing various features in different parts of our software stack including:

  • Our demo application (e.g. integration of third-party SDKs such as Spotify or Strava)
  • Our firmware (e.g. advertising a new BLE characteristic
  • Our cloud
  • Our internal tools

You will be paired with a senior software engineer and your missions will be to:

  • Take ownership of features you’ve been entrusted with
  • Architecture your code in a clean and reusable way
  • Document what you craft
  • Write tests on what you develop
  • Release what you build
  • Share improvement ideas
  • Preferred Experience

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with the following experience and skills.

Must have :

  • Computer Science background
  • Autonomous
  • Curious & eager to learn
  • Looking for technical challenges
  • English at a conversational level
  • Basic knowledge of Git (or equivalent)

Nice to have :

  • Skills with Python, C++ or JavaScript
  • Familiar with React Native
  • Experience with mobile development or embedded software
  • Experience with some Web APIs

Considering that the company is at a rather early stage, each team member will have a strong impact on the project. We are looking for a teammate who demonstrates drive and autonomy and shares our genuine curiosity and strong interest for this marvelous topic: understanding the brain!

To apply for this job please visit wisear.welcomekit.co.