Website Wisear

🎧🧠 We’re on the cusp of launching our first product, and your mission is to maximize our Return on Ad Spend.

🚀 Partnering closely with our CEO, you’ll take the reins of our Pre-Launch strategy and hone our Sales Funnel to precision once we hit the market.

👏🏽 Pre-Launch: Your mission is to expand the Wisear community across various channels (Discord, Mailing List, LinkedIn). You’ll craft and execute innovative strategies to attract future customers to our platforms and keep them engaged.

🧾 Post-Launch: Post-debut, your focus will shift to refining our acquisition funnel, captivating and converting the audience you’ve nurtured.

👟📊 Analytics: At Wisear, we thrive on AI and data-driven decisions. You’ll be expected to analyze and swiftly iterate on the strategies you deploy.

🤖 Automate with AI: Efficiency is our mantra, and smart utilization is our expectation. We anticipate you’ll leverage every AI tool at your disposal, existing and emerging alike, in the most inventive ways to meet your objectives.

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