Website is the world’s first open search engine platform that summarizes the web for users, with no ads, superior privacy choices, and personalization through preferred sources. Our founder and CEO, Richard Socher previously started an AI company called MetaMind. Salesforce acquired the company, and Richard became Chief Scientist, leading the company’s AI efforts. Prior to MetaMind, Richard received the best Ph.D. thesis award from Stanford for his groundbreaking work on deep learning.We’re looking for a product management intern with technical experience to help us build out YouChat, our conversational AI! If you’re interested in being at the edge of machine learning/AI, search, and large language models working closely with our engineering team on a consumer search product, send an email to and Here are some requirements and notes:

– CS undergrad/grad student, ideally with machine learning and natural language processing experience (either an engineering internship or coursework)
– Interest in product management and consumer products (former product management internship is not necessary)
– Summer internship (~10-12 weeks) – we’re flexible on start and end dates
– Excited by the prospect of working very closely with engineering to scope out various ideas related to improving conversational AI. You’ll wear a range of hats and synthesize information from a variety of sources (engineering, users, our community, our dashboards, our feedback, etc.) in order to help guide our product roadmap and iterate on our product.

To apply for this job please visit