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We are seeking a highly creative, passionate, and motivated individual to join us to design, development and implementation of statistical, bioinformatics, and machine learning methods that integrate large multi-modal datasets to derive quantitative biological insights that support clinical development, translation of clinical findings, and other business decision-making. The candidate should have a passion for working collaboratively with biomarker scientists and other computational scientists to enable building the necessary tools for advancing our bioinformatics platform of clinical drug development support.
The candidate will develop and utilize a comprehensive understanding of biological and related data and foster learning using data engineering, automation and visualization tools, and applications to broaden efficiency with data accessibility while enabling a culture of data-driven decision-making. You may also contribute to presentations and publications of clinical genomics and biomarker findings either as conference publications, journal publications, or regulatory documents. 


  • Maintain and improve our existing codebase of bioinformatics pipelines using software development best practices: version control (i.e., git), workflow management (i.e., nextflow).
  • Develop and deploy new analysis pipelines for an expanding set of NGS assays
  • Coordinates infrastructure requirements with the business and IT to support the biological and related data architecture.
  • Develops data dashboards, visualizations, and analytical tools to improve visualization, integration, and accessibility of complex clinical data and enable data analysis and exploration by the broader Research & Development organization.
  • Provides expertise and technical consultation for external collaborations/partnerships in academia and industry.
  • Identifies and recommends continuous improvement opportunities that advanced computational methods can address for biomedical data lifecycle management, integration, data security, data quality management, and metadata management.
  • Ensures assigned work complies with established practices, policies, processes, and any regulatory or other requirements.

Education & Experience

  • MS in statistics, mathematics, bioinformatics, genomics, computer science, or related discipline with 2+ years’ bioinformatics or related experience.
  • BS in statistics, mathematics, bioinformatics, genomics, computer science, or related discipline with 4+ years’ relevant experience in bioinformatics or related field.
  • Significant experience working with multi-omics and large-scale biological datasets.
  • Strong programming skills in critical languages used by Bioinformatics and Statistics, e.g., R, Python, etc., with proven capabilities to manipulate large and sophisticated datasets.
  • Significant experience working with cloud computing systems, data management systems, advanced statistical software, and visualization tools.
  • Strong proficiencies in problem-solving, bioinformatics or other data analytics algorithm design, genomic and proteomic technologies, and high throughput experimental techniques, e.g., following generation sequencing technologies, single-cell technologies, and their applications.
  • A track record in publications within a relevant field is a plus.

Knowledge & Other Requirements 

  • Demonstrated ability to be a fast learner.
  • Demonstrated ability to be flexible and adaptable to change, move between projects quickly and provide support/expertise where needed.
  • Proven analytical abilities with great attention to detail as demonstrated through past experiences and academic achievements, including statistical knowledge, such as probability theory, statistical power, univariate and multivariate analysis, unsupervised and supervised analysis, regression analysis, survival analysis, etc.
  • Proven ability to conduct effective and efficient exploratory analysis on large volumes of data and identify critical descriptive and inferential properties.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills.


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