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Multiple positions are being recruited in formal partnership with CSIRO to support their Future Science Platform in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (MLAI FSP). This cohort will work with top scientists and engineers to develop, extend and leverage MLAI approaches to advance analytical frontiers in areas with direct applications to animal and plant breeding.

These positions are being recruited into the “Bioprediction” activity within the MLAI FSP. The Postdoctoral Fellows will be part of a multidisciplinary team working to develop and apply generalised statistical and analytical methods for automating the analysis of biological data (with a focus on ‘omic data types) to address problems of data integration, uncertainty, bias, dependent variables and samples, and heterogeneous data types. This may include the formal evaluation of methodology to demonstrate its functionality, performance, robustness and fitness for purpose in the application context.

Due to current border closures resulting from COVID-19 these position are only open to domestic applicants, e.g citizen, resident or persons currently in Australia on a VISA.

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