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We are hiring! 8 PhD positions available for outstanding applicants. Deadline 19th April.

3 PhD Candidates (m/f/d)
(Salary level E 13 TV-L, 100 %)
5 PhD Candidates (m/f/d)
(Salary level E 13 TV-L, 65 %)

Starting October 1, 2021, for a period of 3 years.

The RTG Computational Cognition (funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)) aims at reintegrating Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. PhD students of the RTG will be educated in both subjects in order to combine the findings of these fields and thus to get a better understanding of human and machine intelligence. Research fields involved in the RTG are Neuroinformatics, Neurobiopsychology, Bio-Inspired Computer Vision, Knowledge-Based Systems, Cognitive Natural Language Processing & Communication, Cognitive Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Psycho/Neurolinguistics, Computational Linguistics, and Cognitive Computing.

The RTG is incorporated into the Cognitive Science PhD program founded in 2002. PhD students of the RTG will take advantage of an interdisciplinary environment, which nevertheless focuses on a common research topic and offers a broad range of methodological synergies between the projects.

Feel free to address any questions to the spokesmen of the RTG, Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa ( and Prof. Dr. Peter König (

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