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PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), an R&D arm of Xerox, has an opening for a machine learning scientist who is versatile and can apply ML knowledge across domains. This is also a fantastic opportunity to set and grow your research agenda in a renowned industry research lab.

We are looking for someone who has ML skills to support various research projects in the lab with a vision to work on climate/energy related applications in the long-term. We get support from several government agencies such as ARPA-E, DoE, and DARPA, as well as from Xerox through the company-wide Clean Technology and Internet of Things initiatives.

A few examples of ongoing work include pattern recognition in images, anomaly detection in machinery using streaming sensor data, and large-scale remote sensing data analysis. The candidate might take on various roles within the project ranging from developing robust algorithms to working with data engineers to deploy them as a service or to be integrated into a software platform.

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