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Last year, Quansight Labs launched the very first Internship Program open to anyone interested in open source and the PyData ecosystem, including developers, technical writers, and designers. For three months, eight participants worked alongside maintainers and contributors to make meaningful and impactful contributions to various open-source projects, which you can read about at https://labs.quansight.org/categories/internship-2021/

Today we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing back the Internship Program in 2022 to give a new team of interns the opportunity to connect with open source communities and leaders, and grow professionally while developing solutions for the larger scientific open source ecosystem.

An internship at Quansight Labs offers the chance to contribute to one or more of the PyData open-source projects. This is a cohort-style internship program, where you will work with maintainers of PyData projects, connect with other interns and Quansight Labs’ staff, and possibly build a public portfolio of contributions.

We’ll be taking on eight interns over the period of July to September, and each will work on a project of their choice. Not only is this a chance to learn from experienced maintainers, but it’s an opportunity to add significant value to the open-source community. 

Potential projects include working on NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn, Jupyter, conda-forge, data-apis.org, and more. The tasks range from building a realistic performance benchmarking suite for a package to improving interoperability between two projects, new feature development, and implementing a new website design. 

To better understand the work we do at Labs, visit our website for more details, at https://labs.quansight.org/. In addition to code, we are also active in a range of open-source initiatives and welcome candidates interested in technical writing, design, and accessibility.

As supporters and contributors to several PyData projects, we are excited to onboard our newcomers this July. Interns will be working under the guidance of experienced mentors, who will help review each project and connect you to the open-source communities you will be contributing to. 

If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply by Wednesday, May 25.

To apply for this job please visit boards.greenhouse.io.