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At ZBiotics, we make genetically engineered probiotics that improve daily life. As a group of motivated, yet down-to-earth people, we are fueled by two things: a love for science and a commitment to being people-first. GMO products like ours, designed to benefit individuals rather than corporations, are the future. As the first to market, we believe it’s our duty to set a high bar for product quality, safety, and transparency for others to follow.

In 2019, we launched the world’s first genetically engineered probiotic: a 15mL probiotic drink designed to break down an alcohol byproduct that leads to rough mornings after drinking. Since then, ZBiotics’ business has continued to grow rapidly year over year.

We are preparing to launch our second product, a genetically engineered probiotic with a new function related to microbiome health.

The Impact You’ll Have

As our first Data & Analytics hire, you will work closely with the COO to build the data and analytics foundation for the next phase of ZBiotics’ growth. You will head up the build-out and management of our BI tools, dashboards, and metrics. You will provide business-critical insights to the entire team through regular and ad hoc analyses. You will be the cross-functional go-to for the company’s data needs, with special focus on the Marketing team and marketing attribution, where your work will be the most impactful. The insight and visibility that you provide will empower ZBiotics to make the right choices needed to accomplish our goals and vision.

About the Role

As our Data & Analytics Manager, you will be the all-around data & analytics lead at ZBiotics, bringing a broad range of skills to the team, including analytics, data engineering, data science, and a bit of statistics. Your responsibilities include:

  • Maintain and augment our Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards and metrics
  • Build user-friendly dashboards and metrics in our BI tool, Grow, to support the full team.
  • Build and maintain underlying datasets and transformations.
  • Document cleaning procedures, calculations and intended use of various datasets.
  • Integrate and connect new data sources when they arise.
  • Fix connections and integrations when they break.
  • Improve our e-commerce data stack and build a better marketing attribution model
  • Ensure data cleanliness going in and out of our digital sales ecosystem – particularly involving Shopify, Amazon, GA4, and our ad networks (Meta, Google, DSP platforms, and various other marketing platforms).
  • Combine data from different sources – including marketing platforms and pixel-tracking tools like TripleWhale – to create an easy-to-use attribution model (or mix of models) that the marketing team uses to guide strategy toward profitable growth.
  • Ensure our data stack evolves with the addition of new products and new channels (e.g., 2nd product, physical retail).
  • Run routine and ad hoc analyses for the team
  • Dig into data to identify new opportunities to drive business success (e.g., by reviewing customer behavior, learn how to improve repurchase rate, LTV, conversion, etc.).
  • Provide reports for key company metrics and departments.
  • Help departments save time by automating manual analyses where possible.
  • Run point on evaluating unknown events (e.g., strange spikes or dips in sales or traffic). Monitor and notice such events, then dig into the data to understand why and share your learnings with the team.
  • Provide evaluation support for marketing and e-commerce experiments|
  • Assist with setting up and evaluating the success of new initiatives.
  • Help statistically evaluate experimental results.
  • Monitor channel cohorts for future performance. 

The First Two Years Under Your Stewardship

  • The team has the dashboards and metrics they need and are no longer spending extensive time doing manual analysis to support monthly reporting
  • You’ve built a marketing attribution model that’s being used by the Marketing team daily.
  • We have full visibility on KPIs we’re tracking in our second product launch (2024).
  • We have full visibility on KPIs we’re tracking in our physical retail launch (2024-2025).
  • Your analyses have led to meaningful improvements in core DTC metrics (LTV, CVR, CAC).
  • You have trained the team to use our analytical tools self-sufficiently and effectively.

About You

If your experience doesn’t align perfectly but you are a dedicated, quick learner, please apply!


  • Experience in the DTC & digital marketing ecosystem
  • Experience supporting cross-functional stakeholders, especially in marketing & growth
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to present analyses effectively & concisely
  • Open-mindedness, adaptability, and a passion for finding ways to accomplish the goal
  • Broad familiarity with the core skills of data engineering and data science
  • Mandatory systems/skills: Google Analytics (GA4), Google Tag Manager
    • Shopify Plus
    • Amazon Seller Central
    • Core DTC digital marketing platforms (Meta, Google Ads, etc.)
    • Google Sheets & Excel
    • Business Intelligence (BI) / dashboarding tools (Grow, Tableau, Looker, etc.)
    • Marketing Attribution tools (TripleWhale, Northbeam, etc.)


  • Experience in a fast-scaling startup organization that sells a physical product.
  • Experience with multi-channel business models that include DTC and physical retail.
  • Relevant and up-to-date knowledge of data infrastructure and analytics tooling.
  • Nice-to-have systems/skills:
    • DTC ecosystem tooling: CRM (Klaviyo), heatmapping tools, extended digital ads platforms (e.g., DSP, affiliate networks)
    • Modern data stack tools, including experience working with data warehouses (BigQuery, Snowflake), ETL tools (Airbyte, Fivetran), and APIs
    • SQL, Python, Google Apps Script
    • AI coding assistants (ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot)
    • Pixels & conversion-tracking tools (Elevar)

This role is perfect for you if…

  • You’re excited to have lots of autonomy and responsibility right out the gate.
  • You optimize for impact, know when detailed work is necessary, and don’t over-analyze.
  • You love helping others, but you know how to manage your time and don’t overpromise.
  • You embody the ZBiotics values of People-first, Integrity, Citizenship, and Science.People-first – We always put people first, especially our customers.
    • Integrity – We communicate honestly and deliver high quality always.
    • Citizenship – We are inclusive and committed to doing what’s right.
    • Science – We question our own assumptions and adapt to new data.


We believe in a life well-lived. ZBiotics offers competitive benefits for a life outside of work, including: health / dental, 401(k) matching, a minimum PTO policy (with unlimited time off), 16 weeks fully paid parental leave, a home office stipend, transit benefits for those in the San Francisco Bay Area, full-time work-from-home policy (if desired), and access to coworking office space if located in or visiting San Francisco.

This position will also have a substantial learning stipend and opportunities for coaching and training. They will have the option to work remotely day-to-day, have full access to coworking offices in downtown San Francisco, and will need to attend occasional events.

We encourage you to apply …

At ZBiotics, we value our differences, and we encourage all – especially those whose identities are traditionally underrepresented in tech organizations – to apply.

To apply for this job please visit