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The Delhi Team

Abi is an independent product consultant with artificial intelligence startups and the founder of an early-stage AI startup called Delegano. In the past, she has worked in multiple sectors including bitcoin/blockchain, augmented reality, startup incubator and life insurance. Alumni of London School of Economics in Applicable Mathematics and a TEDx speaker, she teaches Deep Learning in Python to students and professionals over most weekends.

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Shubhi is a Machine Learning Enthusiast and Researcher. She has previously interned at Google and is a recipient of 2017 Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society Scholarship. She has won various Hackathons, where she proposed intelligent solutions to tackle daily-life problems. She strongly believes in giving back to the academic community and regularly hosts Machine Learning and Competitive Coding workshops. She has been leading teams and mentoring individuals working in the field of Machine Learning, guiding them to build Machine Learning Applications from scratch.

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