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The Indore Team

Dr. Bhawna Nigam has obtained her doctoral degree in Machine Learning. She is currently working as Assistant Professor at Devi Ahilya University. Her areas of expertise are Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data Analytics. Bhawna has been Awarded Best Women in Research by RSRI and Ridiculously Committed Mentor by Edureka in 2018. She has 14 years of experience in Education and Industry. She has published 25+ Research Papers in IEEE, ACM, Scopus in the fields of Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and IoT. She has completed multiple field-related courses and earned certificates for Introduction to Big Data by University of California San Diego, The R Programming Environment by Johns Hopkins University, Image Classification and Neural Network Deployment using DIGITS by NVIDIA. Bhawna also has a practice as a startup consultant, i.e. for online short term money lending company, the Telecom Churn Analysis. Moreover, she worked on software for face detection based application, document identification and extraction and object detection application for blind people. Bhawna is a community worker and enthusiastic learner who always tries to motivate others willing to develop their skills.

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