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The La Paz Team

Nathaly Alarcón Torrico is a Data Scientist with a Master’s degree from the University of Granada in Spain. She has a lot of experience with Big Data and Bank's transactions analysis. She is currently working on an IoT company and also on Data startups. She is an active member of women in tech communities in La Paz, where she shares her knowledge and evangelizes Data Science and Machine Learning.

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Orietha is working in an Retail IoT Software Development Enterprise. Her passion is a constant learning, she obtained a Master Degree in BI from Catholic University and also graduated from both an e-MBA and Pre-Doctoral Program at Zaragoza University. Orietha also participated in ICME Fundamentals of Data Science Summer Workshops at Stanford University. She is a member of GDG, WTM, WIDS communities in La Paz.

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