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The Metro Detroit Team

I am a full stack data scientist and machine learning engineer who has passion for employing advanced analytic techniques to uncover valuable data insights for making better business decisions. Being a female in machine learning and data science field, I feel passionate about helping fellow female colleagues build networks and furthering their professional development.

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Former Organizers

Margaret is an analytics scientist at Ford Motor Company with skills in Python, Spark, and Hadoop. Before joining Ford, she worked as a technical consultant at HP Enterprise Services. She has a MS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and BS in both Computer Science and Computational Mathematics from the University of Michigan Dearborn. Twitter: @margaretpearce

Cassie is a data operations analyst at Ford Motor Company, where she is a dedicated resource to Ford Smart Mobility. Before joining Ford, she served as the Detroit Fire Department’s first data scientist. In this position, she implemented a tri-fold analytics program that led to improved response times, spatial reallocation of apparatus, implementation of machine learning software, and implementation of a data-driven culture.

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