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WiMLDS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and we pay for our expenses ( fees, Zoom, webhosting, etc) from the kind donations we receive from our community. Donations can be made directly via PayPal on our website at the General Donation Page or for larger donations, or more information, please email us at: info (at) wimlds (dot) org. We can provide you a donation receipt for tax-purposes. Thank you for your support.

Most of our in-person (non-COVID time) events (which often have food or drinks), are sponsored by host companies or institutions on a per-event basis. During COVID, all our events are online, but if you want to sponsor an event, please get in touch with your local chapter or the Global Team at the email above. Post-COVID, if you would like to host an event at your company or university, please get in touch with your local chapter by sending an email to their chapter email address (listed on the chapter pages).

We have a large, global community and your donations go a long way! Please see our online communities below: