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The Melbourne Team

Fiona is a data scientist at Eliiza, a ML/AI consulting company. After years spent as an analyst in the tech industry, she decided to put her maths degree to good use and make the hop to data science. She is slowly working her way through her Masters in Astrophysics in her spare time.

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Graduated in Masters in Education and Masters in Applied Statistics. Currently working as a Data and Reporting Analyst. Passion in data science and programming in R and Python.

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Susie develops activities that support people working in AI and satellite industries who are about to be heavily influenced by the technology. Susie has been deeply involved in analysing the value that these technologies can bring to clients, and is passionate about educating industry to ensure decision making around AI is well-informed. Susie’s main focus is to take complex technology and explain it in a way that is engaging and relevant.

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Arwen Griffioen is a data scientist at Zendesk, where she works on the team producing deep learning solutions for customer self-service. An Oregonian expat who has lived in Melbourne for the past seven years, Arwen is passionate about improving the status of under represented groups in STEM fields and applying machine learning to make the world a little bit better. She holds a PhD in machine learning with a minor in ecoinformatics.

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