Authority Magazine – Sergül Aydöre (New York, USA) 03/20/2019

“To attract more women to the field we need more strong female role models and an environment that welcomes diversity.” - says Sergül Aydöre in her interview for the Authority Magazine. Read more!

Forbes TV – Muthoni Wanyoike (Nairobi, Kenya) 02/27/2019

Muthoni Wanyoike (Nairobi, Kenya) got interviewed by Forbes alongside Jade Abbott as a woman at the forefront of Africa’s AI ecosystem.

AI4ALL – Erin LeDell (Bay Area, California, USA) 02/25/2019

Erin LeDell (Bay Area, USA) was interviewed by AI4All as part of their series on Role Models in AI.

DataScienceImposters – Noemi Derzsy (New York, USA) 02/18/2019

Noemi Derzsy (New York, USA) got interviewed by DataScienceImposters. The podcast is here.

Switch TV – Muthoni Wanyoike (Nairobi, Kenya) 02/14/2019

Muthoni Wanyoike (Nairobi, Kenya) got interviewed on Switch TV, a local TV channel to talk about STEM careers and Women in Tech.

Impactscool – Claudia Volpetti (Milan, Italy) 02/12/2019

Claudia Volpetti (Milan, Italy) answered to questions from Impactscool about the Milan WiMLDS chapter she founded in Italy. Let's celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

ORMS Today – Polly Mitchell-Guthrie (North Carolina, USA) 02/03/2019

Polly Mitchell-Guthrie (North Carolina, USA) got mentioned in an article entitled “Powerful, pragmatic pioneers

ACT Association – Caroline Chavier (Paris, France) 01/31/2019

Caroline Chavier (Paris, France) got interviewed by the ACT Association about diversity, RecSys 2019 and WiMLDS.

Women in AI Podcast – Himani Agrawal (Dallas-Fort Worth, USA) 01/30/2019

Himani Agrawal (Dallas-Fort Worth, USA) got interviewed on the "Women in AI" podcast by RE•WORK! Episode #121 here.

D/SRUPTION – Reshama Shaikh (NYC, USA) 01/07/2019

Reshama Shaikh (NYC, USA) got interviewed by D/SRUPTIONs about the gender gap in tech.

Youtube Video – 5th anniversary 01/14/2019

Youtube Video for WiMLDS 5th Anniversary.

NeurIPS-NIPS name change 10/29/2018

Reshama Shaikh interviews Andreas Mueller 03/01/2017

Interview of Andreas Mueller about the Scikit-learn Sprint organized by WiMLDS in NYC, USA. 07/2016