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The Poznan team

Agnieszka is working on her PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. Her research is focused on the relationship between processing praxis and action-related concepts in human brain. Discovering Data Science gave her great inspiration to combine machine learning methods with complex experimental design used for finding neural correlates of cognitive processes. Agnieszka is also doing a postgraduate diploma in Processing of Big Data at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. By creating Polish Chapter Agnieszka wants to encourage others, especially women, to actively participate in the ML/DS local community.

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Monika is a Data Scientist Freelancer with passion to find useful stories and dependencies in the data driven world. Monika has growth mindset and she likes using her brain on new datasets. She analyzes companies business strategies to help them understand how they can use data as their advantage and help build data-driven company. Privately, she is interested in behavioral economy and psychology, and in love with one-smile journey and immersing herself into new culture.

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