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The São Paulo Team

Marielen is a Data Scientist at TOTVS, a multinational company of software. During University, which graduated as BEng Electronic and Computer Engineering, worked with projects that involved neural networks, such as online selection of events in partnership with CERN; network performance analysis for the simulation of HRTF's participating in the development of 3D sound and; use of neural networks for the processing of communication signals through Bluetooth Low Energy for the perception of human presence.

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Izabela is a data scientist at TOTVS, a leader software house company in Brazil. She uses data from various market segments to solve businesses problems, applying ML methods and software engineering concepts, transforming these solutions into products. She has a BEng in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Mechatronics, Electronics and Computing from The Federal University of Espirito Santo, and also a published paper on IEEE.

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