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We aim to fix gender-balance, diversity and inclusion in Tech!


50inTech is a young startup whose main goal is to fix gender-balance and equality in Tech before 2050. What a mission, right? 

It was first created in 2019 by Caroline RAMADE, but we’re already a team of 7 merry people :

  • 3 co-founders (Caroline, Gaëlle & Julien, who’s also the CTO)
  • A communication & community tandem (Alice & Ariane
  • A sales & recruitment duo (Juliette & Morgane)

We’re all working to improve our Product: the 50inTech SaaS platform (feel free to join and see for yourself!), to attract communities and grow our members base as well to be able to help our clients hire a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 

As you can see, we’re lacking in the data department and with the many topics we’re tackling and the fast-paced evolution we’re facing, we desperately need someone to handle all the data-aspect related areas!

Which is why we’re now looking for a Data Scientist to join the adventure and to make Tech great again 💻


As our FIRST Data Scientist, you will be playing a key role in contributing to the outreach of 50inTech, the strengthening of our community, and the Saas recruitment / retention tools – to have a measurable impact increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Which is mumbo-jumbo to say you’ll be in charge of all the analytics and based on those numbers, you will be able to tell us how to improve our product and of course, our business.


“Your mission should you choose to accept it …

As a member of the technical team, you will be the go-to people when it comes to data : collecting, organizing, analyzing, and presenting it to the rest of the team.

More specifically, you will :

  • Provide business-driven insights
  • Participate in the R&D of our user-facing solution.
  • Uncover trends in numbers and translate them into product features
  • Work toward understanding and fixing our users’ needs
  • Take part in the development of AI tools to automate and improve the matching process between relevant members and clients


To carry your mission (like Ethan Hawk), these are the daily tasks we have in mind :

– Collaborate with the CTO and business developers in the team
– Collect data from various internal and external sources
– Clean and preprocess datasets for machine learning purposes
– Build, train, test and maintain predictive models that can run at large scale
– Perform regular data analysis
– Design and code algorithms

However, since we are a young startup and with a small team: there is no routine with us. 

Every day is an adventure and an opportunity. We’re starting from scratch, especially from a data perspective, but that’s the beauty of it : it’s a challenge!


Front : Angular 10, Typescript
Back : Node.JS
Data : Python, MongoDB


To join our project and be a part of the merry band, here are a few key points :

  • You have a contagious passion for startups (the bad, the good and the ugly 🤠)
  • You believe that the future relies on women and a gender-balanced workplace and you are determined to solve this issue globally (Who runs the world? 🎤)
  • You are not afraid to work in an early-stage company and understand that it will require you to wear many hats! (let us be mad-hatters 🎩)
  • You’re hungry for knowledge, curious, open-minded and above all, kind (Love, love, love ✌️)
  • You build with purpose; in order to bring solutions to problems. As a business geek, you know how to find a balance between craft, speed, and the bottom line.

On a more practical level :

  • If you have a degree in mathematics or analytics, that’s a good bonus
  • You ideally have one or two years of experience in data, in a business-driven environment
  • You speak French and English (we take franglish too)
  • You know Python (not the snake, no)


Salary: 42 K€ 
5 weeks holiday per year 
Flexible working from home when needed


This is a challenging but extremely interesting opportunity to join a startup which will revolutionize Tech and make it a safe place for everyone !

So if you’re still reading us and if you think you’re up for the challenge, send your CV and a quick “pitch” email to techheron@50intech.com

Maybe together we’ll go :


We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity.

To apply for this job email your details to techheron@50intech.com