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Cohere For AI is the dedicated research arm of Cohere. The Cohere For AI research lab seeks to solve complex machine learning problems by supporting fundamental research that explores the unknown. We are focused on creating more points of entry into machine learning research because we believe technology is powerful, and empowering different perspectives ensures responsible innovation.

The Cohere For AI Scholars Program is an 8-month, full-time research apprenticeship. The Scholars Program runs from January 8, 2024 – August 23, 2024. This program pairs aspiring machine learning researchers with world class NLP research experts and an outstanding engineering team to collaborate on innovative machine learning research projects. The majority of our scholar projects this year focus on NLP problems at scale, ranging from questions about efficiency, generalization, responsible AI and data quality. Scholars will have the support of an experienced research team and access to cutting-edge AI technology as they contribute to projects at the forefront of machine learning research.

We encourage applications from a wide range of backgrounds, regardless of previous academic experience. Different from last year during our inaugural scholar cohort, we will accept scholars who have previously published. We received meaningful feedback that this was an imperfect measure, and excluded aspiring researchers who face great obstacles in entering the field of machine learning. However, we remind applicants that our goal is to be the first door to open for someone starting out. If you already have considerable research experience, this program is not suitable for you.

For more information on the Cohere For AI Scholars Program, please visit:

On August 15th we hosted a virtual information session that provided a Scholars Program overview and Q&A session. Check out the replay video here

All applications for the Scholar Program must be submitted by September 11, 2023.

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