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Colony Hardware is looking for a Rebar Fabrication Assistant will perform a variety of duties to help facilitate work flow for the rebar fabrication department. This position is responsible for learning the operation/maintenance of all the rebar and warehousing equipment and ensuring flow of materials and production of completed rebar packages.
• Receive Training for Forklift Certification – Use forklift to feed shearline and bender, move finished product to proper staging location, and to load/unload trucks
• Assist shear operator
o Feed the line with rebar bundles
o Break open bundles
o Shake out bars on rebar table
o Quality Control – Ensure the correct size and quantity of rebar on table
o Receive training to operate shearline
• Assist rebar bender
o Feed rebar bender with rebar cut from the shearline
o Proper tying/bundling of rebar bundles
o Proper staging of rebar packages on dunnage for easy and correct loading/pulling
o Quality Control – ensure accuracy of rebar bend per the ticket
o Assist rebar bender with any large or difficult bends that require multiple people
o Receive bender training and operate as needed and directed by management
• Operate over-head crane to move rebar in shop and help load trucks
• Housekeeping Duties
o Maintain rebar shop in clean and orderly fashion
o Perform monthly and ongoing maintenance of rebar equipment, forklifts, etc
o Follow company standard operating procedures to correctly receive and stock rebar
o Correctly and promptly fill out and turn in rebar paperwork
o Communicate any issues immediately with rebar team and management
• Safety Responsibilities
o Complete proper training before taking on any new duties or operating new equipment
o Always wear appropriate personal protection equipment
o Follow all safety regulations and best practices
o Report any and all unsafe conditions or witnessed safety violations to management


• Team mentality & Safety First commitment
• Positive/upbeat attitude and customer service orientation
• Willingness to do what it takes to get the job done
• Honesty, Integrity, and Trustworthiness
• Heavy lifting, standing for long periods, repetitive tasks
• Bilingual, English/Spanish a plus

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