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Our team is part of the Data Science Applied Research Team at Linkedin, with a focus on researching and developing time-series based algorithms and software for Forecasting, Anomaly Detection and Root Cause Analysis.

Last year, our team open sourced the Greykite forecasting library, which provides fast, accurate time series predictions for Linkedin’s diverse forecasting needs. This effort was published as an arxiv paper and received press coverage from VentureBeat, Data Exchange podcast and Weights & Biases webinar. Currently, we are expanding our team’s horizon into anomaly detection and root cause analysis for Linkedin and beyond.

We are looking for talented and motivated applied research scientists to join our endeavor. As part of our team, you would have the opportunity to ideate, develop and implement novel machine learning research ideas, and translate them into high impact library and platform services. For job qualifications please check the job posting for the senior role. Please DM me with your resume for consideration of the role specifically on our team. New grad role is also available through direct inquiry

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