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The perfect offer for every customer

OfferFit is a new startup founded by ex-BCG and McKinsey math PhDs to transform promotional offers through self-learning AI. OfferFit automates learning and experimentation. This maximizes offer profitability while saving marketers time: no more segmentation, no more A/B testing!

AI Implementation Engineers are creative technical experts who collaborate with customers to ensure their success with OfferFit. They help identify use cases, present OfferFit to customer technical teams to generate buy-in, structure and project manage pilots, establish data and API connections, and create pipelines for data cleaning, validation, and feature engineering. Working closely with the founders (George & Victor), they help tune and improve self-learning algorithms, identify and define product features based on customer feedback, and shape product direction through market and technological insights.

Why is it great?

  • No toy datasets in notebooks — implement ML pipelines in production at scale!
  • Be the face of the company, working alongside our customers to help them succeed.
  • Learn tons about data architecture, data science, and self-learning AI.
  • Work in a team that not only talks the talk of development best practices, but walks the walk — unit & integration tests, modular design, CI/CD, pair programming, code reviews — the works.
  • Join OfferFit’s fast-paced, supportive, and professional team. We make sure all of our team members are empowered and receive great mentorship and coaching.

Who’s a fit?

  • Crack coder: you write clean code in object-oriented Python, numpy, and pandas; you care about good design and terse, testable APIs
  • Entrepreneurial: you proactively identify opportunities and risks, work around obstacles, and always seek creative ways to improve processes and outcomes
  • Structured and organized: you can structure a plan, align stakeholders, and see it through to execution
  • Clear communicator: you are able to express yourself clearly and persuasively, both in writing and speech
  • Engineer: you have extensive hands-on experience with SQL, data munging, and feature engineering; you regularly tinker, explore, and learn new technologies and ML methods

To apply for this job please visit www.offerfit.ai.