Software Research Engineer

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The Mission of Oracle Labs is straightforward: Identify, explore, and transfer new technologies that have the potential to substantially improve Oracle’s business. The Information Retrieval and Machine Learning group (IRML) in Oracle Labs is working to develop, scale and deploy Machine Learning throughout all of Oracle’s Products and Services.

As our group grows and tackles new problems, we have more and more need for custom research and data wrangling platforms. We are looking for engineers with experience developing tools in the big data space to join our team in Burlington, Massachusetts. She or he will enjoy defining and developing creative solutions to facilitate work with big, and often sensitive, data. This position may touch on all aspects of large data systems, ranging from storage to distributed computation to security to artifact tracking and data science notebooks. Example projects include building a robust, distributed, notebook-oriented experimentation framework in our custom secure data enclave and building a distributed computation framework for master/worker style problems such as hyperparameter optimization. We will use existing technologies as appropriate, but will not hesitate to build our own to best suit our needs.

Candidates must have a BS or MS in Computer Science and at least 5 years of experience developing solid, maintainable, object-oriented code.

Required Skills and Experience:

Define and develop creative solutions to facilitate work with big, and often sensitive, data
Strong Java skills
Experience building scalable systems that run on distributed platforms
Solid grasp of data structures and algorithms, finding the right tool for the job
Feels at home working in a Unix/Unix-like environment and with Unix tools
Working knowledge of full stack development from back end to interfaces
Desire to find the right solution to a problem, not just the most expedient one
Willingness to solve the hard problems so that your users don’t have to
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Preferred Skills and Experience:

Familiarity with distributed computation frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, or MPI
Knowledge of Python
Familiarity with J2EE, RMI

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