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Peloton is a global interactive fitness platform


Peloton is looking for an experienced computer vision/machine learning expert who is not afraid to get their hands dirty with real world problems. You’ll be developing cutting-edge systems to provide our members a world-class fitness experience, in collaboration with Product, Software, and Hardware teams. You’ll be reporting to the VP of Product Intelligence.


  • Masters in EE, CS or related disciplines. PhD preferred.
  • 5+ years of industry/academic experience
  • Expertise with computer vision and/or machine learning, especially deep learning.
  • Experience in applying machine learning & computer vision to resource constrained devices (such as mobile devices)
  • Ability to whiteboard some theory while at the same time rolling up your sleeves and get coding.
  • Understand research papers and be able to translate the ideas into efficient code quickly.
  • Experience in designing and developing Deep Learning-based Vision systems, for tasks like Object Detection and Segmentation, and deploying these systems in real-world settings.
  • Is comfortable constructing and manipulating large image and video datasets, both open-source and internal.
  • Experience with Python and Java or C/C++, and ML frameworks like PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, etc.
  • Bonus points for experience with one or more of: Caffe/Caffe2, CUDA programming, optimization for mobile, Distributed Training, YOLO, One-shot Learning.

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