Manager, Sustainability Data Analysis

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This is a professional position on the Knowledge & Practice team reporting to the Director, Sustainable Knowledge & Practice. The Manager works with internal and external stakeholders to develop and manage data-oriented products and services that advance AIA’s sustainability and resilience goals. The incumbent will expand the scope and impact of the AIA 2030 Commitment through improvements to digital tools, evaluating an expanded set of metrics, and analyzing data for business insights and progress reporting.


Data analysis and product development

-Serve as the program lead for the AIA 2030 Commitment; working with member volunteers and AIA staff to establish strategy and tactics for the program growth and engagement.
-Use data insights to identify opportunities for additional sustainability products or services, including growth of the AIA 2030 Commitment and Project Benchmarking Database.
-Manage efforts to expand and validate the suite of metrics included in AIA reporting.
-Compile and analyze AIA 2030 Commitment reporting data and publish in the program’s annual report. Collaborate with Research team to develop data and messages.
-Manage AIA 2030 Design Data Exchange (DDX) development using member feedback and data insights. Coordinate development with Project Management Office and Product Strategy teams.
-Manage and prioritize DDx enhancements and test features to ensure they meet business unit needs.
-Manage the DDx user list for communications and marketing.
-Manage the DDx firm directory.
-Monitor sustainability content for effectiveness and recommend improvements based on available metrics, usage reports, and user feedback.
Collaboration & communication

-Coordinate Sustainability Portfolio goals, data, and messages with various AIA departments to optimize products and services.
-Coordinate with communications team to communicate complex messages through data visualization, creative storytelling, and other means.
-Manage various member working groups, including 2030 Commitment Working Group.
-Provide day-to-day management for various project consultants or vendors.
-Serve as a staff resources for sustainability issues, including: metrics, benchmarking, or green rating systems.
-Generate data-driven content and messages to support various audiences, including: components, AEC industry, partner organizations, and the public.
-Use data visualization to communicate complex concepts.
-Manage discreet sustainability projects, consultants, or member groups as assigned.
-Respond to internal and external data requests related to sustainability.

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