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FDL-X 2024 is a paid, eight-week interdisciplinary research initiative funded by NASA which will run from mid-June to mid-August 2024. FDL-X builds programmatic innovations to tackle ambitious problems in space exploration, heliophysics, astronaut health, Earth science, climate change, and more by combining proven AI pipelines to unlock brand new integrated AI capabilities and insights.

FDL-X innovates in two domains: 

  • Investigating known and emerging challenges in integrating AI/ML pipelines trained on very different data, with bespoke engineering, model choice, uncertainties, drift, maintenance requirements and other idiosyncrasies.
  • Process and format innovations in the effective integration of disparate AI/ML pipelines to unlock new capabilities.

FDL-X is built on interdisciplinary teams with a faculty of domain and ML experts able to address tightly defined science challenges informed by both deep domain knowledge and cutting edge understanding of what’s possible in ML. Find more information below or visit

The deadline for researcher applications is Friday March 29th 2024, the application process is very straightforward and researchers can apply at

About the roles: We are in search of talented and highly motivated PhD and Postdoc researchers with backgrounds in machine learning and heliophysics, who can bring the skills and expertise to roles outlined below:

Machine Learning Expert: The ML expert will contribute to all aspects of the project: building the pipeline, validation and experiments, pre-training, training and benchmarking. They will provide expertise on the best ML algorithms to employ and work closely with the heliophysics domain expert to ensure scientific validity.

Heliophysics Domain Expert: This expert in the field of heliophysics will offer their extensive knowledge in the domain. They will deliver scientific expertise to improve and evolve the pipeline, as well as verify the scientific applicability.

To apply for this job please visit